3 Ways to Create Brand Awareness Through Instagram

In overly-saturated markets, one of the biggest hurdles for small business owners is STANDING OUT and creating brand awareness. Everyone says “find your unique value”, “niche down” yada yada. But how the HECK do you actually do that? How do you separate yourself from the crowd?

Specifically, I’m going to talk about how to establish brand awareness and recognition through instagram and other social media platforms. I’ll overview what not to do and some ideas for how you can take action today!


Creating Brand Awareness Through Instagram and Content Planning

Brand Fonts: Do I need them?

Let’s talk about fonts for logos and branding. I bet right now without even having to Google it, you could mentally picture the font used by Target in their logos and marketing. What about Facebook? Or Ford?

Fonts, also known as typefaces in the graphic design world, are a central piece to the visual identity of your brand. You can significantly increase brand awareness and credibility by choosing 2-3 brand fonts that you use across your designs.


Branding New Logo for Wedding Photographer Graphic Design

2 Easy Tips for Choosing Brand Colors for your Small Business

Learn how to identify a color palette for your brand and grab my free Canva template for organizing your color codes. Check out my favorite resource for finding colors to use in my designs!


Branding Mood Board - Color Palette, Typeface, Brand Inspiration

One Thing Your Brand and Jimmy Choo Should Have in Common

Learn more about how to create a presence online that connects with your audience. This post overviews the most important elements of branding and how it influences the customer experience.


Small Business Branding for Influencers

Everything You Need to Know About Postage for Your Wedding Invitations

There are three main factors that influence the cost of mailing wedding invitations: weight, thickness and machinability.


Pricing Postage for Wedding Invitations Dusty Blue Envelope with Gold Calligraphy and Vintage Postage

Custom Wedding Invitations – Why they cost more and why it’s worth it

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Custom wedding invitations ain’t cheap. We stationers understand the importance of budgeting and we aren’t just selling you marked up paper. I want to spend some time outlining why custom invitations are so much more expensive than Shutterfly/Minted, and why it is worth the investment. White Glove Service […]


Custom Wedding Invitation Suite - Raise Your Words Design - Navy Blue Dusty Blue and Gold

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