One Thing Your Brand and Jimmy Choo Should Have in Common


Have you ever heard of ‘unboxing videos’? This is a current trend where people record videos of themselves unboxing new products they purchased.

You’ll find people recording themselves unboxing a new Macbook or a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. What you won’t find is anyone sharing the unboxing of a pair of Payless flip-flops.

Unboxing videos prove one thing: packaging matters. Yes, the quality of the product inside the packaging matters, too; but people care about beautiful, high-quality packaging.

Your Branding = Your Packaging

Brands are choosing to invest in high quality, high-experience packaging. What do I mean by “high-experience”? Well, brands are intentionally creating an unforgettable experience in the moment someone opens their product for the first time. An experience that boosts endorphins and has positive associations being created in the person’s brain. It’s like Christmas morning!

And that is what leads to customers doing marketing for the brand – creating videos and sharing them on social media, telling their friends and family about the quality, and ultimately, coming back to buy more for themselves!

In a digital world, your branding is like your business’s packaging. What type of experience are you creating for your customers when they come across your brand online? Jimmy Choo or Payless? It really does matter.

Enneagram Ashton Website Small Business Branding and Web Design
New website design for Enneagram Ashton

What makes people say yes?

As Jeff Walker points out in his book, Launch, one of the strongest mental triggers of action is authority. Essentially, this means that people take action and trust brands that have authority in their industry. Your branding is the very first impression of professionalism and authority that your customers experience.

Imagine ordering an expensive pair of Jimmy Choos and having them arrive to your house in a cheap, Payless-quality shoebox. What would be your first thought? I know mine would be “This is a scam! These must be fake…” 

Are those the thoughts you want people to have when they come across your website?

If someone is going to invest good money in your services, you want to make sure their entire experience reflects the quality of work you provide. From the first moment they come across your instagram, to their feelings of giddy as they click through your website, all the way down to your off-boarding thank you card. 

The quality underneath the packaging matters most, but the packaging matters too. In my business, my inquiries TRIPLED the first month after I did professional branding and launched my new website. In a poll I did on instagram 95% of responses confirmed that they are more likely to invest in a business that has professional branding and a well-designed website.

How many clients are you losing every month that you don’t have beautiful packaging for your business? I know it’s an investment. I know it’s hard to make that type of investment on a young business. But, I also know the difference it can make for your business and in your life!

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Media Kit Design for Eva Shockey

2 Ways You Can Take Action Now to Improve Your Branding

Bring in a Professional

Hire a professional brand designer to create cohesive logos, marketing materials and website design. Work with me, and you’ll also get brand identity development where I walk you through writing your brand story and creating touch points that connect to your people. Head here to check out my branding packages and pricing.

Do it yourself!

In the near future, I will be launching a mini course called Brands that Connect, chock-full of helpful content, resources, worksheets and a private Facebook group community to bounce ideas off of. If this interest you, join my email list, where you will get tons of branding freebies and insider info about my course launch. As soon as you join my list, you’ll get a FREE Brand Identity Guidebook, which will walk you through developing a compelling brand story.

I’m here to help! Have any questions? Comment them below and start a conversation!

Xo, Elisabeth

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