Your Brand is Not Your Logo


Let me say it again: Your brand is not your logo.

As you are growing your small business, it’s so important to understand this. Yes, the visuals matter. I, as much as anyone, believe that. Afterall, I am a brand designer!

However, more importantly, I am a brand strategist. Which means I help you dig deep and find your brand’s roots before you start growing your business.

The very first step in my branding process is a questionnaire that will challenge you to think deep. Here are a few examples of the questions I ask:

  1. What is your driving motivation for starting this business?
  2. Whose lives are you improving? What ripple effect will you have on the world through this business?
  3. What conversation are you going to move the needle on?

These questions help my clients to channel their inner selves and identify core values.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of building your brand on the foundation of a few solid core values.

Identifying your core values is not as easy as it seems! I have a 3 step process that I walk my clients through and that I outline in depth in my DIY branding course Raise Your Brand. If this sounds like something you could use, click here to join the waitlist!

Logos are great as a “visual container” of your brand. It’s like your first impression, and we all know first impressions are important. However, even a stellar first impression will not be enough to build a strong business if the rest of your brand is lacking.

The 3 Phases of Branding

In my branding process, we go through 3 main phases: brand identity, brand voice and brand visuals. We do this in order, because it’s so important to focus on developing an identity for your brand before you create a bunch of graphics or a website.


Because your brand visuals should be designed strategically with your brand’s identity in mind. After you’ve decided on your core values, you can choose colors that align with those values and you can create copy for your website that points people toward your values.

For example, I am currently working with a therapist in California who is looking to establish a brand that exudes peace & serenity while also connecting to joy & fun.

After we intentionally created a brand identity for her business, it was easy to choose colors. We went with a beautiful neutral palette that uses organic, earthy colors paired with a blush pink to represent the “joy” that accompanies peace.

Branding color palette - calm neutrals, creamy beautiful branding

As you can see, developing a deep, authentic brand is far more than just designing a logo.

It requires reflection, inquiry and thoughtful exploration. It’s a process I enjoy every single time with my branding clients, because I get to experience their “aha moment” when they have a breakthrough on the vision for their brand.

Raise Your Brand Course

If you’re ready for this moment – if you realize that your brand doesn’t quite feel like you and you are ready to invest in a rooted brand, my DIY branding course is for you.

My course was designed for small business owners who see the value in branding, but can’t afford to hire a professional. I will walk you through each step of my branding process and show you how to create a beautifully branded business.

Click here to join the waitlist and be included in an exclusive promo code for money off the course AND a little surprise I have in store 🙂

The course launches September 15th! Mark your calendars!

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Xo, Elisabeth

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