Where to Start: Branding Your Business


Not sure where to start when it comes to branding? Read for an overview of my process step by step: where to start with branding your business.

Phase 1: Brand Identity

Look, I know. It’s tempting to dive right into branding by thinking about colors and logos and websites.

But, promise you that’s not the best place to start. You will find yourself overwhelmed, confused and lacking confidence in your work.

You will constantly question if your branding makes sense. Does it feel like me? Does it align with my ideal client? Do these colors look good together?!

In order to build a strong, rooted brand, you have to start with brand identity.

What is your brand identity? It starts with your core values. It’s so crucial to build your brand on the foundation of core values. Otherwise, you will go with the wind and find yourself off track frequently.

Additionally, you need to have a very clear sense of your dream client. Who are you hoping to work with? Who are you serving? What problem are you solving? Answers to these questions will help to shape your brand identity and ultimately plant solid roots for your business.

Phase 2: Brand Voice

After you identify your core values, vision for your business and how you are serving your dream client, you should dive into developing your brand voice.

Your brand voice should align with your brand identity and serve as another touchpoint to connect with your community.

Consider questions like…

  1. What important conversations can you contribute to with your platform?
  2. What topics will your brand be known for?
  3. How will you add personality & “YOU-ness” to your messaging?

Your answers to these questions should line up with your core values, not conflict with them. For example, if one of my core values is authenticity, I am not going to nurture a sarcastic brand voice. Sarcasm is funny & catchy sometimes, but it will likely turn off my ideal clients who value deeper connection & seeing my authentic, vulnerable self.

I challenge you to read over your text threads, listen to yourself when you speak about things you care about. Start to pay attention to your natural “voice”. Your brand voice should never feel forced or insincere.

Phase 3: Brand Visuals

Annnnnddd…. the part you’re waiting for!

Brand visuals.

This is the fun part, and I promise it’s even more fun after you work through phases 1 and 2.

Now, you have a clear sense of direction for your brand and you have established your voice (making content creation a breeze!). It’s time to choose colors, curate a font collection, design a logo and build your marketing materials.

I’m not going to pretend like those are easy, snap-of-the-fingers tasks. They will require reflection, feedback, trial & error, and probably a few re-dos.

Here are some of my past blog posts to help guide you when you are ready for this phase.

If you are interested in taking DIY branding to an even more serious level, you may consider joining the waitlist for my Raise Your Brand DIY branding course that launches on September 15th.

Brand Blueprint Challenge

Starting September 9th, I am doing a free Brand Blueprint Challenge. This challenge is like a group coaching experience, where I will teach you the first 3 steps to branding your business and will walk you through the process of creating your own Brand Blueprint.

The challenge will have a Facebook Group hub space were you can share your progress, ask for feedback/support, and connect with other business owners who are also rebranding.

Each day of the challenge (September 9th-14th), I will be pulling back the curtain on my branding process and showing you the first steps to get started on DIY branding your business.

Want to join the challenge? Click here to register & don’t forget to also join the private Facebook group!

Xo, Elisabeth

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