Creating an Authentic Brand through Storytelling


Hi guys! I’m back today continuing our conversation about brand voice. 

Last week I overviewed the importance of establishing core values for your brand and weaving them throughout both your decision making and your content. 

Today, I want to continue the discussion about brand voice through the lens of storytelling, and specifically share tips for creating an authentic brand.

Attention Grabbers!

Hear me out. Which of these two captions grabs your attention most effectively?

  1. Happy Friday! I’m so excited to share this new floral arrangement I put together for…


  1. Becky & Chris are unlike any other couple I’ve worked with. They first met back in second grade when Ms. Thompson, their teacher, forced them to work together on a math project…

Chances are, the SECOND one kept you reading & wanting to click the little “Read more” link to hear the rest. 

So, why do we see wayyyyyyy more of the FIRST example on Instagram?

The answer is because oftentimes the first caption is easier to write. It’s basic, surface-level and quick! It doesn’t require a whole lot of deep thought, and gets your content up on social media as fast as possible. 

While I completely understand the overwhelm and stress that sometimes accompanies posting on social media, I’m equally confident that investing in the storytelling side of your business will not only increase your bottom line, but will also connect you with your ideal clients. 

The Differentiating Factor

YOU are the number one differentiating factor for your business. YOU. 

Use every opportunity to help your audience see a little more of what makes you who you are. Help them see your heart, share some stories about your life growing up or about the trials you’ve overcome or about the biggest victories you’ve celebrated. 

We can’t underestimate the importance and power of story!

When you open up your heart to your people, they start to feel like they know you. And when people get to know you, they realize they actually like you! When people like & know you, they trust you and are more inclined to hire you, share your work with others and recommend you. 

I would encourage you to spend some time scrolling through some of your favorite instagram accounts. Take note of their captions and pay close attention to why you connect to those people.

I think you’ll find that you connect to their story. To their mission. To their values. Not just to the outfits they post or the products they sell. 

People are looking for connection. Deeper connection. Less small talk. Less surface-level. More depth. More soul. Create that space!

Do This!

Here’s where to start:

  1. Tell your story. Write it out. Click here to grab my 5 page workbook for brand storytelling.
  2. In all content you make, ask yourself Is there a meaningful story that can be told here? Instead of just posting the wedding photo, what story can you tell about the people? What narrative can you create about love & marriage? Challenge yourself each time to go deeper. 
  3. Ask questions. Invite discourse on your page by asking questions, hearing from your people and providing content that they want to see. 

With a top priority for business growth being social media engagement, I urge you to consider infusing some more soul into your online presence. I’d love to see what you’re creating and join the discourse!

Comment below with a link to your instagram, so we can all encourage each other!

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Using Storytelling to Build your Brand Voice

Xo, Elisabeth

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