Hello Everyone! Amanda here and I am taking over the blog today! I am personal brand photographer and I provide personal brands & small businesses with an enriching, enjoyable experience meant to create curated imagery closely aligned to your brand and personality, that will help you to build your online presence and find your ideal clients. I am what you call the “cherry ontop” of a great branding experience! Once you have the colors and the style of your brand identity figured out, it’s time to get personal with that branding and create content that reflects that identity so you can attract those ideal customers who love you and your business!

Here are 10 quick and easy ways to prep for your branding shoot so all the details are just right!

1. Outfits

Once you and your brand designer have gone through and determined your brand colors, it’s important to make sure your outfits match that style. Usually this isn’t very hard as they are colors you prefer wearing. For the best cohesive and consistent look on your website and grid, only 3 colors should be prevalent so as not to distract from the image. Content is meant to attract your ideal client and then comfortably compliment the message while they peruse your site 🙂

2. Shoes

While we are on outfits, don’t be afraid to throw in a few outfits that are a little outside your comfort zone. Now I am not saying to wear the big pouffy skirt if that is jut not you, but a simple and elegant long flowy dress that you probably have reserved for a special occasion? Hello! Special occasion! And the same goes for shoes! I am not sure if I am the only one here, but if I am wearing a killer pair of shoes, I feel AMAZING! And that is exactly what we want for your session! For you to feel Amazing, so that ethereal confidence translates almost immediately to your clients!

3. Props

Now we do not want to go overboard in this area. We want to be very selective about the props we choose to highlight in your images. They need to have purpose in telling your story. A great example is the office setup. If you don’t have an office and don’t want one, then hold off on buying the cute stapler and paperclips. Instead focus on where you actually work. Is it at the kitchen table with your laptop and a coffee? Then those are your props! Throw in a vase of flowers and you are set!

4. Speaking of Flowers

Flowers, greenery, and fruit are the perfect props and unlike other props, you can never have too much. They can sit in the background for casual shots and then be used to enhance your detail images for your products!

5. When choosing products

If you are a product based business, you obviously want to get top notch images of your products. Now you do not need to bring your entire inventory for this. My suggestion is to bring 3 of your best selling product, one product that you have yet to introduce and are really excited about, and your favorite product. That’s it!

6. If you are a product based business

Service based instead? Bring your guides and brochures! For my branding shoot, I bring my albums, an experience guide (for all my offerings) and a sample of my client gifts

7. Add a little Flair to your electronics!

Our laptops and phones are basically an extension of the small business owner, but nothing looks more ho hum than a bland phone cover or a dark laptop. You want the attention to go directly to you since you are the one talking. Your laptop should compliment you. So I always suggest finding a pretty cover that matches with your colors or a nice muted metallic. You are building a personal brand however and if your colors are bold, then chances are you will be too, so your laptop and phone will be accenting just as well as with the neutrals.

8. Bring pets and add family!

Nothing is more attractive to a prospective client than pets and family! Seeing you cuddled up with your sweet fur baby reminds them of theirs! Same goes for kids and husbands. And almost immediately you have content for that about me page or for a personal post on your social media! Plus free family photos? Who doesn’t want that!

9. Hair and Makeup

So we’ve covered outfits and shoes. furbabies and flowers. Now it’s time to talk about one of THE MOST IMPORTANT preparations you can make when it comes to getting the most out of your session. Hair and makeup! This is the one time that you definitely are going to want to look a little more polished than usual. This shoot is entirely focused on you so you really do want to look your best! Plus you get to work with your fav makeup artist! Win! Here’s my favorite!

10. Food

I know I know. The last one should be “have fun” but hear me out! Everyone has a favorite meal that makes them super happy inside. For some it may be tacos. Others it may be waffles. I suggest bringing the ingredients for your favorite meal. Those images can be used for most any kind of content. This personal branding is all about finding minute and special connections. Sharing your favorite food is the first step!

11. Have fun!

Whoop! Gotcha! Ofcourse the last one is going to be have fun! This all sounds like a lot, but as you will find out, everything is in the details. And if those details are prepped before hand, all you have to do is show up and share your passion and joy with the world! (Okay me and my camera, but in the end, the world!)

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Xo, Elisabeth

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