Two Questions You Need to Answer if you own a Small Business


Are you a small business owner trying to create some brand recognition and grow your leads? Read on to learn about finding and connecting with your ideal client as a creative entrepreneur.

My Story

My business started back in November of 2016. I saw some beautiful wood wedding signs and I wanted to create my own for my upcoming July wedding. I went on Amazon and ordered the book Handlettering 101. When it arrived, I spent hours every day drilling and practicing my hand lettering. 

I only intended to solve one problem: my need for pretty signs for my wedding. However, I soon realized that many other people had a similar problem. They wanted rustic, wooden signs for their wedding. They needed place cards and didn’t want to just have them printed at Staples. They wanted to bring Pinterest ideas to life and needed someone with beautiful handwriting to help.

The problem I solve has changed. I’ve grown into custom wedding stationery and small business branding. For couples who don’t have the time or knowledge to handle ordering, assembling, addressing and mailing wedding invitations, I am the solution. For small business owners who struggle with brand identity, I create resources to help them.

The 2 questions!

  1. What problem do you solve? What is the pain point to which YOU are the cure?
  2. WHO has that problem?

Are you a photographer who encapsulates fleeting moments for mamas who fear forgetting those precious toddler years?

Are you a planner who lifts the stress of wedding planning off the shoulders of your couples?

Are you a virtual assistant who gives back sanity to small business owners struggling to juggle all their entrepreneurial responsibilities?

Write out your answers to these question. Be detailed, be thoughtful. Keep this reflection with your other brand identity documents and come back to it when you’re writing copy for your website, emails or instagram captions. 

This will remind you of the value you add to the world. This will remind you that you truly are serving, not selling.

I put together a resource to help you tease out your answers to these questions. Doing this well WILL lead to clearer brand messaging and more leads in your inbox. You have to know who you’re speaking to and what they need.

Free Ideal Client Worksheets for Small Business Owners - Brand Messaging Worksheet
Brand Messaging Workshop

Xo, Elisabeth

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