Invitations will cost between $.70 and $1.12 for US mail. The USPS pricing is based on 3 factors: weight, thickness and machinability. The cost of a 1 ounce stamp is $.55. Every ounce over that, up to 3.5 ounces, is an additional $.21/ounce. Most invitations start at 2 ounces costing a minimum of $.70 for the outer envelope.

Prior to mailing your invitations, I will weigh your suite and ensure we ordered the correct postage amount. 


invitation to mailbox: check!


There are many different ways to appropriately word your invitations. When we work together, I will send you a guide to help you choose the wording that best suits your formality and preferences.

For envelope addressing, it is advised that you follow the guidelines outlined below:

Married Couple:
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson

Unmarried Couple:
Mr. Edward Johnson and Miss Sheila Roberts

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Johnson
Miss Charlotte Johnson

Single Person with Guest
Miss Jessica Robinson and Guest

Invitation Wording

At a loss for words?


It's best to send your save the dates out 6-8 months before your wedding. This is not a hard and fast rule, but it is very helpful for guests who are traveling. If your wedding is in the summer, it is also helpful for those planning vacations. 

Save the Dates

When do i need to do what?


Wedding Invitations

I like to start the invitation design process 4-6 months before your big day. This allows plenty of time to fine-tune your design and order samples if needed. Rush orders may be available - touch base as soon as possible! I only take on 2-3 custom invitation suites per month. This allows me to pour myself into each order and really focus on providing the best, personal experience.

Envelope Addressing

Response Cards

Most response cards only require a $0.55 stamp. 

Custom or Vintage Postage

Inquire with me today to learn more about using vintage or custom postage. These details can elevate the look of your envelopes and add loads of character.

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From this point forward, it will be my goal to make your wedding invitations + stationery the BEST part of your wedding planning experience. Thanks for choosing my small business! Every inquiry lights my heart up.

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